Friday, 27 January 2012

Where the hell is Matt Hooper??

Boys, oh boys... I think he's come back for his noon feeding. 

Now I love Jaws, it is a timless classic a crafted well paced film that has all the elements to make you watch it over and over and trust me I have. However something always bothers me ( and no its not the bad 70's hair and dress sense.), just where does Matt Hooper go at the end of the film? 

His cage gets eaten by Jaws and he just sort of disappears?! Turning up at the end of the big finale for a bit of a gentle swim back to shore. Lord Lucan and Shergar would be proud of his ability to almost evaporate, I mean there is a good 10-15 minutes where he is just swimming around under water.

What makes it worse is they never talk about it when they are swimming back, you know a simple so while Quint was being eaten and I saved the day where did you go? Nothing, almost like what happens at sea stays at sea. It makes you wonder what else happend on that ship they dont talk about.. a bit of casual raping and pillaging or some sort of drunken fumble in the engine room? Did Quint and Hooper have a brokeback moment?  When Hooper does turn up the only person he is concerned about is Quint, so there might be more to it than you could believe!

                         An artists rendition of what Matt Hooper was doing during Jaws*
                                                                  *An Awesome artist at that

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